Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shish Kabob, Marietta GA

Shish Kabob
962 Roswell Street, Marietta GA

(photo from Creative Loafing. I was too mad at Betty to remember to take my own)

I'm about ready to throw my GPS (affectionately named Betty) out the window. She has failed me yet again, trumped by serendipity. As I was driving around Marrieta, searching for Middle Eastern restaurants using keywords such as "gyro" and "falafel" because Betty blatantly LIED to me by insisting that there were none in the area, I stumbled upon this restaurant.

Betty, Betty, Betty. What will I do with you? Is Iran not in the Middle East? Such a kidder you are. Always ready with suggestions such as "Wendy's" or "Shoney's" but you keep the restaurants with actual flavor hidden, all for yourself.

Shish Kabob featured an appetizing buffet of Persian cuisine such as absolutely delicious grilled chicken, yellow rice, chopped cucumber salad, roasted vegetables, and some delicious exotic tasting pudding that I couldn't quite figure out what was in it (something like coconut, mango flavor, and rose water maybe?). Plus, the restaurant had another one of Dineometer Deb's hallmarks of adventure dining: crappy exterior that belies the quality inside.

I can't give it a Dine-o-meter rating yet because I've only been there once, which is really just an excuse to go back.

For Sale:
One heavily used GPS named Betty.
Works but not very well.
Great sense of humor, likes to kid.
Several dents due to being slammed into the dashboard on multiple occasions.
Will let go for cheap. Very, very, cheap.

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ID Crisis said...

I know how frustrating a GPS is. I have one named Jack and he likes to tell me lies as well. I can't tell you how many times, I've looped around 285 for no reason.