Sunday, April 26, 2009

Homemade Pozole/Posole

Pozole (or posole) is a Mexican stew made with pork chunks simmered till tender, with hominy and onion. Right before eating it is garnished with ingredients such as cabbage, lettuce, radishes, cilantro, and crispy tortillas. The radishes when added, briefly simmer in the liquid, just long enough to remove the bitterness but not so long as to cook them, so they are still crisp. Lime is also squirted it in, before eating, giving the stew a fresh and zesty flavor.

All the ingredients for my homemade pozole were purchased at the local carniceria (Mexican butcher shop/grocery). The grocer told me that pozole is usually eaten on special occasions rather than as an every day meal.

I don't have my own recipe for pozole but instead used a hybrid of several that I found on the net, on various recipe sites. Next time I think I need to add some heat in the form of chipotle in adobo. It could have used that little something extra.

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Mrsupole said...

This picture and your description is making me hungry. Me need food. Do you have the recipe you used? I think I would like to try to make this. It looks really good.

God bless.