Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brontes Memphis

Found in the archives: This post from almost 2 years ago was stuck in my draft bin and never published. I am not sure if Brontes is still open.

Brontes in Davis Kidd Bookstore
Memphis, Tennessee

David-Kidd was once an excellent independent bookstore. There was a time when you could find books there that were not available at any other area bookstores. Now, after a change in owners it is just a great bookstore. As is true way too often with independent businesses, when former owners Davis and Kidd retired, the stores were bought up and incorporated into the larger Joseph-Beth chain, the focus changed slightly. Time was that Davis-Kidd had a large inventory of not only popular titles but lesser known books as well. In fact, they often had books used as texts in local colleges and were a good back-up source when the university bookstores were sold out. But in recent years with the increasing popularity of online book purchases and the ease of searching for needed books online, Davis-Kidd has changed to offering a selection that is similar to what the large chains offer, and filling the space with gift type options such as fancy lotions and spa type items.

Another change over the last few years is the name and offereings of the in-store café. The authorial name is Brontes. The menu items feature dishes from cookbooks that you can buy in the store such as Barefoot Contessa, In the Kennedy Kitchen, and The Joy of Cooking. A great idea I think, because the items featured are not your typical café fare. In addition, there are specials that change monthly, from featured cookbooks.

Usually the cafe offerings are tasty and make for a delicious lunch to eat while reading your newly purchased book. On my most recent visit, I tried the stuffed cabbage rolls which actually could have been a little better. There was a slightly fishy taste and they lacked the herbal flavors of other dishes I have tried in the past. The gourmet berry pie was good but the crust tasted slightly of freezer burn. This meal was a disappointment. On a previous visit, my experience had been much better.
Dineometer Rating 70%

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hand Woven Dish Towels

My hand woven dish towels. The finished product of weaving classes.