Saturday, May 3, 2008

R.I.P. (way, way, off topic)

As if watching the Cubs lose last night wasn't bad enough, insult was added to injury when WGN TV Chicago broadcast images of the destruction of "The Spindle."

The Spindle was an art object in my hometown Berwyn Illinois, and probably the most recognizable feature of the city. It had a 2 second cameo in the movie "Wayne's World"and was considered an off-beat roadside attraction.
Despite a valiant effort by the Save the Spindle Foundation the statue, nicknamed "The Car Kabob" by some residents, was torn down last night without warning. Efforts to sell the statue on ebay for a starting bid of $50,000 plus moving costs, were not successful as no bids were received.
The site will now be the home of yet another Walgreens.
It's a sad day when a unique city feature is destroyed to be replaced by a chain.

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