Saturday, May 10, 2008

Restaurant Review: Apple Cake Tea Room

Apple Cake Tea Room
Farragut Tennessee

Except for a bunch of newly built gigantic houses, Deputy Travis Junior (Robert Ben Garant) of Reno 911 having graduated High School there, and the Apple Cake Tea Room, Farragut Tennessee, a suburb of Knoxville, has few other talking points.

Housed in a log cabin just off I75, the Apple Cake Tea Room is the type of place that ladies go to lunch. The ambience is cozy with quilts on the wall and girly trinkets on the shelves. You could easily picture Mrs. Claus being right at home here. It's popular for showers and on any given visit you are likely to see a group of women surrounding someone who is unwrapping pastel colored gifts. Occasionally you will see a frightened looking man or two but I would estimate the clientele to be 85 to 90 percent testicle free.

The food at Apple Cake is relatively good with freshly prepared sandwiches and soups, served in lady-like small portions. My favorite was a chicken and dumplings soup that was served on one visit, but I have never seen again. When seated, you will be given a cute little muffin by a waitress that looks not unlike a Stepford Wife. (Discrimination lawsuit alert: If you are funny looking and live in the Knoxville area, please apply for a job there just to test out my suspicions. Let me know how that goes for ya.)

Being a tea lover, I mistakenly first went to the Apple Cake TEA Room several years ago, for a good pot of tea. At that time, they had only two different types of tea bags. I recently saw a box of Constant Comment on the shelf with at least two other different types of tea! Progress sure, but why not take a giant leap and invest in some little tea balls and loose leaf? Go crazy Apple Cake Tea Room. Hey, maybe you could also hire a few funny looking waitresses, just for variety.

Dineometer rating: 70%


SheR. said...

I love Tea too!!! :D

sexyoldbroad said...

I lived in west Knoxville for many years and cracked up at your testicle free room. I know I've eaten lunch at most of the places up and down Kingston Pike and along the roads to the highway as well. They're not the only ones who cater to women's lunches but they know their target market.

Can't wait to hear if someone checks out the hiring criteria.

DineometerDeb said...

Sher: Yes and I saw that you buy loose leaf in your photo. We are lazy here and usually buy bags.

Sexy: Well, I didn't actually check for testicles--it could be popular with cross dressers and thus I would be wrong.

And they really do not hire funny looking people as far as I can tell.

Anonymous said...

Lady, you are freaking hilarious!