Monday, May 26, 2008

Adventure Dining: China

With the upcoming Olympics in China, I am sure that we will be hearing a lot about all the grossiosities that are consumed in that country. Just search for video's of the famous Beijing night market, to see exactly what I am talking about. I think that pretty much every living creature and animal part is consumed there, in some form. We eat a lot of strange things in the US, but typically we are blissfully unaware as the product is labeled "hot dog" or canned spaghetti and "meat balls."

In this video Sheila shares her culinary experiences in China:


Saph said...

Yep, seems like chinese will eat anything and everything. I was born and raised here in the US but I did grow up eating some things most people think are gross like pig ears, oxtail (a lot of people in south eat these also I've noticed) jellyfish, etc. I have never eaten dog and nor will I. Maybe if I grew up in China, I prob would've have eaten dog just like other countries would never think of eating cow.

DineometerDeb said...

As a child, I loved liver dumpling soup, a Czech delicacy that seems to gross out southerners when I tell them about it. We have probably all consumed pig ears and cow a**holes even but like I said, we usually are unaware and label such things as "hot dogs" or "meat balls".

My favorite line from Supersize Me: "Chicken Nuggets contain parts of the chicken that the home cook doesn't use." There is no telling what animal parts McDonalds has fed us.