Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jerusalem Cafe

Jerusalem Café
Kansas City, MO

Near the University of Missouri at Kansas City, this local chain of three Middle Eastern restaurant serves kabobs, falafel, Turkish coffee, and other traditional dishes in what may be the only of its kind in the area . I tried the lunch buffet option featuring roasted red pepper hummus, a very tender baked and seasoned chicken, gyro served cubed with sautéed vegetables, and a multitude of other dishes. The Jerusalem meatloaf was very similar to traditional US meatloaf. Something new for me were the wild pickles that looked to me like pickled okra but were entirely too sour for my taste. All dishes at Jerusalem Café seem to be fresh and homemade. There are regular menu options as well if you wish to bypass the buffet, and there is an ajoined shop serving wraps with non-middle eastern ingredients such as fajita chicken and Philly beef steak. This restaurant also has a small store which sells middle eastern foods and merchandise such as bottled rose water, dried figs, and elaborate tobacco pipes. Enjoy the large screen satellite TV broadcasting programs from the middle east while you dine.

Dineometer Rating: 80%


tut-tut said...

What an interesting concept, especially in the US in today's environment. I'm surprised some neocon didn't request the TV be turned to Fox News . . .

DineometerDeb said...

That region seems to have more neocons than even we do here in the south. I pity Missouri liberals.