Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ramen Lust

In Japan, ramen apparently is more than just something you can buy 6 for a dollar on sale when you are short on cash. YouTube user 46E2Q has 39 videos posted--all of Ramen. Other videos include the scientific study of Ramen.

Sure, this video is in Japanese, and you, like me, probably don't speak it, but just make something up: ...big, hot, steaming bowl..., ...so popular people line up around the block...., ...garlic. The secret is lots of garlic....


SheR. said...

Ah.. I can feel the warmth of the ramen on my cheeks... ah.. I love ramen to bits... nothing can replace it. ... not the garlicky taste tho! Just plain ol' Shoyu Ramen! MMMMmmmm
I'm drooling..

Book Calendar said...

I happen to really like ramen. Add some broccoli and chicken and you have a nice little meal. I like that salty taste with plenty of noodels.