Friday, May 23, 2008

The Missourian Species

I have completed my field research on Missourians and have learned quite a great deal about their habitats, environs, and food sources. Above you can see a covert photo taken of young Missourians at play in a large, inflatable cage-type thing. Amazingly, they will enter the cage voluntarily and it can be quite difficult to remove them. I have discovered that they seem to like to eat large wads of pastel colored cotton on a stick although they must beg the older of the species to be allowed to eat this. Odd.

Much of my research was completed at something they like to call a "festival". The young Missourians participated in some sort of ritualistic face painting and then were given inflated tubes twisted into shapes representing animals. Some put them on their heads. Afterwards, we returned to the habitat and placed circular disks into a machine, thus creating images on a screen, which we watched for hours.
Other random facts I discovered while there:
Missourians can be quite generous. They will let you stay in their homes, feed you, and may even carry your luggage. You must brush your own teeth however. They will not do that for you.
They are carnivorous. Definitely carnivorous. The do not actually have to hunt for the animals however, and the food source will magically appear at the feeding place, already prepared. Voila!
Missourians are allowed to pass freely between Missouri and Kansas. No passport is needed!
A great time was had by all and I plan to return soon to continue my research.

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