Sunday, July 20, 2008


I thought I would update a few of the previous posts:

Live Restaurant Webcam

The Spot restaurant in Galveston moved its webcam. If you like to watch people eat al fresco, next to the ocean, click here. And last time I wrote that the camera was turned off when the partying bar action started but I think they might leave it on past restaurant closing, so you CAN watch drunken Galvestonian merrymakers! I prefer watching the surf cam which is below the restaurant webcam, although it makes me long to be at the beach.

International Candy

Here are the results of the international candy taste test:

Japanese Hi-Chew: The texture is one of my favorite things about these candies. Extra chewy but not like taffy, more like an extra firm gummy bear. Slightly sour, not too sweet (although someone in the comment section suggested otherwise).

Glorias from Mexico: (in the red wrapper) These extra soft and gooey caramel candies are from the Monterrey area of Mexico. The taste is very similar to typical types of caramels, but the texture is not as firm and they stick to the paper. These are made with goat's milk and often are sprinkled with pecans. They can be found at some airport stores in Mexico dedicated exclusively to "leche quemada" which are various types of goat's milk caramels. Although I don't recall how much I paid exactly, I do know the price can be steep compared to similar quantities of other types of candy.

Middle Eastern Candy: (white and brown candy in front) The ingredients are primarily pistachios, sugar, and starch. It looks like it would taste similar to a caramel but actually was more like a hard gel with pistachios. Although the pistachios are the dominant flavor, they also have a slightly fragrant flavor that I can't identify.

Japanese Candy in a tin: I put my fellow knitters on this one. Per Amber, "Mmmm! These are good!" I would describe the flavor as slightly more mature (less sour, less sweet, more authentically fruity) than something like Brachs hard candies. This might be an incorrect perception and based solely on the fact that the container is similar to a flask. It's entirely possible that it's the exact same recipe used by Brachs.

Dineometer Complaint Department

In the last edition of As the Blog World Turns we mentioned the addition of the Dineometer Complaint Department. Well, now, knitwithcats is whining about how overworked she is so like any good future Fortune 100 executive I promoted her to Senior Vice President in charge of complaints and promised to give her some help. So, if you would like to be added to the Dineometer Complaint Department, mentioned in the next edition of As the Blog World Turns, you must:

A) Get that this is just a joke
B) Indicate your interest in the comment section. We would prefer that you have previous Dineometer experience as a commenter or frequent Entrecard dropper. Spammers leaving gratuitous links to their websites will have their comments deleted and several large pins will be added to the groin area of the Spammer Voodoo Doll.


tut-tut said...

Complaint: I don't recall hearing about that candy. If you brought it up when I was away, you should have remembered to tell me about it! Perhaps next Saturday you can keep a lively log of each and every word spoken so that I may be kept abreast.

DineometerDeb said...

Auto response: Thank you for your complaint. All complaints must be sent to the Dineometer complaint department. Your complaint is important to us (not really) and we will respond to it as soon as possible (or never).

The ugly truth is that I cheat on yall with another knitting group. So I actually didn't share with the Saturday group because I didn't dare bring out candy with a certain nutritionist in attendance.

I will take your response as an indicate of your desire for employment in the Dineometer Complaint Department. Welcome aboard! Knitwithcats is your new boss. May God have mercy on your soul.

knitwithcats said...

you're cheating on us?? yarn group whore! i really wouldn't care except you withheld the candy and now you suck! if you don't become knitting group monogamous again or show up with candy, i will direct all complaints to your cell phone. your choice...

DineometerDeb said...

Fine. What country do you want the candy to be from? Mexico, Japan, or the Middle East?

Kiva said...

Doesn't look like anything is doing at the Spot this evening. I'll try back during the day. I didn't know that restaurants had web cams. As a gummy bear aficionado, I will have to find those Hi-chews.

DineometerDeb said...

Kiva: I hope that there is a huge sign there letting people know that they will be on camera while they dine. Scroll down for the surf camera, which I like better. Unless of course you are lucky enough to live near the ocean and can see it live.

Hi-Chews are great, you will like them.

I will add you to the Complaint Department staff! Now, knitwithcats, don't scare her off. Kiva seems like a nice person. As you can see from her comment Kiva, knitwithcats is just a stereotypical, shy, demure, southern belle.

tut-tut said...

What is Check Me OUT??? What's up with this??

DineometerDeb said...

Well tut, that would be the new Sez Who plug in. Entrecard promised that great things would happen if I installed it. So far, I am yet to see these promised great things (i.e. lots and lots of exceptionally well written comments)and I am considering deleting it. Can I assume your comment is a vote in favor of dumping Sez Who?

tut-tut said...

Yes. Here is a little tale of woe from my freshman year of college, because this rating thing reminds of it: My friends and I were getting off the bus from our women's college to go to a frat party (first and last, I might add) at a neighboring (still all-male) college when we noticed a male student, sitting on the curb. He was holding up numbered cards, apparently to rate our appearance as we de-bused.

Can you believe it?!? I'm sure he is now well entrenched in the Bush administration.

DineometerDeb said...

What jerks!

Yes, probably members of congress. And they probably still do them when female pages walk in.

Did you see the trailer for the Oliver North movie W by the way?