Monday, July 14, 2008

As the Blog World Turns

I think it's well past time for another edition, don't you think? Here is a summary of some recent goings on in the blogosphere:

No time to knit the guinea pig dress we showed you in the last edition? Have a guinea pig wedding coming up and nothing to wear? Or maybe you are just offended by guinea pig nudity. If so, this is your site. Cuddly Cavies Creations also sells guinea pig diapers you will be glad to know.

Need a card to express the 99% of life events that Hallmark won't touch? Maybe you need a card to congratulate your brother-in-law on his release from jail. If so then Dirky Shanks and their Jailbird Commissary store on Etsy is the place for you. There is something in this store to offend almost everyone and if you aren't offended, this will only encourage them to try harder. I even thought up a campaign slogan for them. Dirty Shanks: Cards that make you say "........."

In Shadows is a blog that focuses on Etsy's more unusual items. Highlights include corsets, jars of dirt, pasties, and the Freak Fish necklace which is a real, one-eyed fish encased in wax and displayed in a clear tube, which you can hang around your neck. It's a steal at $220 but hurry. There's only one in stock. If only I had discovered this seller before mother's day .

When will Chilly at On the Bricks learn that by advertising his wealth on the net, he only opens himself up to identify fraud, scams, and relatives begging for money? If any of you happen to stop by his site, please, please remind him to be cautious when discussing such issues.

Want a quick way to get links to your website? Just add "Hannah Montana" to a post title, as I did with this one and you will instantly be linked to numerous Hannah Montana "news" sites that apparently don't read what they put on their own websites.

And finally, congratulations go out to this happy couple. I have no idea who these people are but was captivated by this photo found here. I love the beautiful attire which I believe is a traditional Malaysian clothing called Sonket (correct me if I'm wrong). Hopefully I will one day score a Malaysian wedding invitation so I can go to one in person. Apologies to Roy and Irmy if they are offended that I posted their wedding photo on the same page as a guinea pig in a poodle skirt. That was not intentional and I mean no disrespect.

If anyone has any complaints about content here at Dine-o-meter, please contact our complaint department:
And don't forget to complement her on the Harry Potter sweater that she finally completed.

Stay tuned next time for more...(dramatic pause) As the Blog World Turns. (SuperTarget execs, your sponsorship check must have gotten lost in the mail.)


Beat Black said...

omg! that Guinea pig site is hilarious. I especially like the photos of them dressed up as other animals. They're such funny little guys. I also noticed my blog is included on this list! thanks so much for the mention :D

DineometerDeb said...

You're welcome Ms. Black. I love the items you find on Etsy. Very creative site!

Dirty Laundry Diva said...

I love those dirty shanks cards! I NEED the FU one. I would send it to all my inlaws! Ha, ha!

DineometerDeb said...

I like that site also and appreciate such irreverant humor.