Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Gummi Lighthouse Conspiracy

("Mill Farm" Gummie Lighthouses)

By now you have probably seen this amusing photo that has been floating all over the blogosphere, of the unintentionally anatomical candy. But, is this a real photo? Are Mill Farm employees hopelessly naive and inattentive? Although the packaging looks familiar, like something that might be available at a discount store, there is no web reference to a Mill Farm brand. There is a company that sells gummie lighthouses, but not this particular brand. The caption of the photo on the original site links to a "sign generator website" implying that the photo is computer generated, not of a real product. But, you wouldn't get that impression from the many blogs reproducing the photo, as the original credit for the photo is not always given. There is even a mention of these on the BBC radio website, without reference to the fact that the photo is probably not real.

This is a photo of the only gummie lighthouses I could find on the net. They look plenty phallic but I can't tell if they are the same as in the original photo. Perhaps Joey Devilla changed the brand to avoid potentially unfortunate consequeses? At any rate, I feel that I just may have saved the reputation of the Mill Farm employees. Even though they don't exist.


Nice Guy said...

A good example of a site to make fake images is @ You can make fake road signs, make pciket signs held by protesters say what ever you wish...

Melbel said...

Gummy lighthouses! That's an interesting one and a stretch too! That's probably the most out there gummy that I've seen. I mean, I've seen some "other" gummy designs, but seriously who would think of a lighthouse?

Interesting post!


B1GSMASH said...

I think these were originally offered from Maine's Pantry - the gummies look very similar to the lighthouse and outbuilding on their picture header from the site. I don't think it's a coincidence that the gummi lighthouses are no longer offered.

Maine's Pantry logo, Lighthouse ... Gummie Lighthouses, Price: $2.95. Size: 7 oz. Candy. Producer: Jack Smillie

Jacob Gorny said...

"I bet the shape makes the gummi taste terrible." ~Charlie Bucket