Monday, July 7, 2008

Anthony Bourdain V. Hannah Montana

The new season of No Reservations on the Travel Channel is starting tonight and, thanks to Catsworking and the sport she developed of spotting Anthony Bourdain's significant others hidden as extras on the show, I might actually have to watch.

Today's multiple choice quiz: Which of this season's shows would you most like to see?

A. Laos

B. Saudi Arabia

C. Columbia (say hello to Shakira for us)

D. Any episode where he drinks heavily, which is actually, any episode.

E. I'd rather watch Hannah Montana.

F. Laos and Saudi Arabia? Big deal. Last year he went to Cleveland!

G. Who the hell is Anthony Bourdain? Is he that bald guy that eats bugs on a stick?

H. I spend 22 hours a day blogging. My fingers are so numb from typing that I cannot operate the remote control, and actually I am not even sure if I have a television.

I. H above is very lazy. 22 hours a day of blogging is nothing! I blog 23 hours a day and I have 2 full time jobs. I haven't had time to eat in 2 months and am weak with hunger.

J. Is he going to Branson Missouri at all? Because I love Branson. I would watch that.

K. GO CUBS! (That's not actually a show, I just wanted to work GO CUBS! into a blog post somehow)

I'm gonna go with B. Saudi Arabia looks like one of those off the beaten path places I think I'd like travel to one day. But then I remember I'm female.


Debt Dieter said...

I have a total TV crush on Anthony Bourdain, smart, evil sense of humour and he can cook! *swoon*

Lucky Girl said...

Columbia for sure--South America fascinates me!

DineometerDeb said...

Debt: Having read some of the gossip on the net and in his very own autobiographies, you aren't the only one who feels this way.

Lucky girl: All countries fascinate me! I can't think of one I wouln't want to visit. Even antarctica (is that a country?).

tut-tut said...

Well, no more raw meat at the Arctic Circle, or wherever he was when that Inuit family cut it up on the floor.

I think a show with him AND Rick Steves might provide insights and yuks, don't you?

DineometerDeb said...

tut: You must be back from your lengthy vacation : >

I think Anthony Bourdain would frighten Rick Steves.

tut-tut said...

Quite the other way around . . .

Silencer76 said...

I'm going to go with K, and potentially J, since Branson is only a few hours from here...though it still might be Cards country, and that doesn't work for me.

So, I'll stick with the obvious. Let's see Bourdain go to Superdawg or Harry Caray's or Cheli's then go to Wrigley and see how he does with "No Reservations." ;)

DineometerDeb said...

Ok so we have one vote for Columbia, one for Saudi Arabia, one for anywhere but the Artic Circle, one for Branson and THEN to Cubs territory. At least no one said they'd rather watch Hannah Montana. That's gotta be good news for ol' Tony.