Friday, July 11, 2008

Southern Cuisine

The Southern Star
Chattanooga Tennessee

Chicken pot pie, cucumber salad, and stewed tomatoes.

A very thin and lacy type of cornbread.

Pepper juice is often poured on greens in the south. They don't use the peppers, just the juice. Odd for those of us who grew up in Chicago, where we used the peppers on hotdogs, but not the juice.

The Southern Star is a restaurant that I would probably recommend to Chattanooga visitors as a good place to go for Southern food. The mashed potatoes are real, the vegetables fresh, and the decor pleasant. Recently opened in their new location (I think they have moved about three times), they are now easier to find than in their last location.
To read a full review, written by an actual, true southerner, click here.


Tiffanie @ said...

mmmm....*drools* i'm starving.

Liza said...

yummy! from where i am, pepper is also used and not the juice.


DineometerDeb said...

Yes Liza, US southerners are a bit odd. ; )