Thursday, April 24, 2008

Would You Wait One Year for Dinner Reservations?

Talula's restaurant in Kennett Square Pennsylvania has a one year waiting list for reservations. That's even longer than it takes to get in to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel* on a weekend morning.

Though the phone often begins ringing with requests at sunrise, she does not pick it up until 7 a.m. on the dot. The caller is then offered a reservation exactly one year later. Requests for earlier or later are denied, as are attempts to play the VIP card to skirt the procedure entirely.

Ok. Imagine this. You have been waiting one year for your reservations at Talula's. You're on the way to the restaurant and you have a flat tire. They have only one seating remember. Will they keep a plate for you warming in the oven? What if you are pregnant and your water breaks? Have the baby or wait an hour until after dinner? If you wait one more year for reservations you will have to find a sitter also. Good luck with that.

You can listen to the full story on NPR's website here:

*For anyone that doesn't have a Cracker Barrel near them, this is a joke. They just have a really long line for breakfast. It's a place that is famous for serving comfort food and making you walk past a whole bunch of crap in their "Country Store" that you just have to buy, before you even get to your table.


tut-tut said...

I've been to Kennett Square; I've got relatives there. It doesn't seem the kind of place where there would be such a sought-after restaurant.

SheR. said...

One Year?? No way! No matter how nice the food is. I know Jamie's 15 restaurant has a 3 months reservation list.. and I thought that was absurd enough!!!

DineometerDeb said...

Maybe you can get us some inside information tut-tut. Why are they so popular? Have your relatives ever been there?

Elle said...

Nope. Too many good restaurants in the world, and too many things in the Cracker Barrel Country Store to wait so long. I'll survive on Root Beer candy and forego the wait thanks! :)

Chattanooga weight loss surgery said...

My mom would starve to dealth with Cracker Barrel and two other meat & 3 restaurants in Nashville/Brentwood. It is nice to have a place to get vegetables that isn't too expensive. The long wait is really just on Saturdays and Sundays.

Lilly's Life said...

Absolutely I would unless I was starving! I got involved in restaurants for a few years and know how hard it is to make a success of it, particularly fine dining ones. I love your site by the way. I plan on visiting the US at the end of the years too the info will come in handy. I posted on my site somewhere under the food label about all the unusual restaurants I hav been to in the world. Funny thing I only like very plain food.