Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blogging at Lee's

I'm blogging today from Lee's Sandwiches on Bellaire Blvd. in Houston Texas. This is one of my favorite free WiFi spots in the city, because I can sit amongst a diverse population of people, allowing me the opportunity for multicultural people watching. I am hearing right now, no fewer than four different languages--Spanish, Arabic (?), and two different Asian languages. There is a wonderful vanilla aroma of Deli Manjoo cakes being freshly made. This is a very small cream filled cake, shaped like an ear of corn (??) that is made by pouring batter into a mold and then squirting the filling inside. The smell finally got to me today, and I had to try some with my cold chrysanthemum tea (see photo above). They taste like a cakey cream puff, but perhaps a little bit dryer and less flavorful.

If I were a cool hipster, I would have gotten here early and grabbed one of the seats outside, so I could smoke and watch traffic while sipping an iced coffee. But I'm not, so I didn't and am stuck sitting inside. Probably best since it will be in the 80's today in Houston (hello Minnesotans!)

I am off to buy my coconut and head to the pool.

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