Monday, April 21, 2008

Pay with Karma

This is from my new favorite TV channel, Current TV. I believe it's channel 107 on Comcast in the US but you can also watch online. I watched the VC2 program last night, which had several excellent videos along the lines of PBS's Independent Lens, although with a decidedly twenty-something tilt. I will post the link tomorrow along with another great video I saw that is appropriate for Earth Day.

As for the payment policy of Seva Cafe, it is places like this that make me feel a little less crusty and cynical. Wouldn't it be great if McDonald's adopted this policy? "Pay with your heart." Yes, pay with your super-sized, cholesterol clogged, calcified, McHeart. Probably not a good business plan.

On a side note, I just finished listening to Jennifer Government by Max Barry. It's a futuristic look at a world in which corporations really do own everything and your last name reflects where you work. So we have John Nike, Violet Exxon-Mobile, and Haley McDonald's. If you like dark, political humor such as Wag the Dog, you might enjoy this book also. I read that George Clooney bought the rights to the book and look forward to seeing the movie version.

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