Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Muse*

King Tut's Grill
Knoxville Tennessee

(Sorry for the crappy photos. Mo deserves better.)

It's quirky restaurants like this one that were my inspiration for Dine-o-meter. A restaurant so off-beat in the middle of the interesting restaurant impoverished area know as my beloved Tennessee, that I just had to find a way to promote these types of places. Can you imagine stumbling upon an Egyptian eatery on the edge of southern farm land? And then being served drinks in a flower vase with your freshly made stuffed grape leaves? I am sure to you New Yorkers this is no big deal but when you live in the Appalachian mountains, this type of place is Adventure Dining gold.

Read the full review here:

Dineometer rating: 100%

*I really dislike the term "My muse" particularly when said by celebrities at the academy awards, but it was such a fitting term for this restaurant I just had to use it.

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