Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Free Advertising (for Big Corporations That Don't Need it) Friday

(It's not Friday yet but Wednesday didn't work. )

According to his very own blog, Andrew Zimmern has been hired by Target (usually people work at Target before they make it big on television. Just sayin.) and will be bringing his unique culinary stylings to the aisles of the red bullseye store in the near future. Andrew Zimmern is the host of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel and has made his living by eating things that most people either throw away, hit with their shoe, or pay to have exterminated. From his blog:

Well the cat is out of the bag now! For the last few months I have been
working on starting a new relationship with the folks at Target. As their new Meal Adventure Guide, I am tasked with helping their millions of customers explore the world of flavor at their local SuperTarget, you will see great ideas and recipes from me popping up in the stores in a few months, all of them inspired by a lifetime spent combing the globe for authentic and honest food.

Let's just hope the cat isn't out of the bag because he plans to eat it.

Now that Andrew Zimmern is working with SuperTarget, which of these would you most like to see in the store:

  1. Tarantula Pockets
  2. Bush's Baked Beans and Beaks
  3. Totino's Pepperoni and Chicken Uterus Pizza, Microwavable
  4. Pepe's Gluten Free Termite Quesadillas, Family Size
  5. Stop it Deb! You're grossing me out!!!
  6. Rice at a reasonable price
  7. Brad Pitt
  8. Target is still open? Who is Andrew Zimmern? Today is Friday???

For me, it's a toss up between 6 and 7.

SuperTarget execs click here:


MondoCibo said...

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hmsweaver said...

SuperTarget is my favorite shopping place!! And I love Andrew Zimmern! Do you watch Anthony Bourdain, too? He likes stuff like "poop chute on a stick," but he's too bitter to sell stuff for Target.

DineometerDeb said...

Anthony Bourdain is the best! I love bitter! Cynical and snide are great too! Have you listened to his books on audio? All great, and even better when read in his own voice.

I like SuperTarget and I almost never go to Wal Mart but sometimes I make pity purchases at Kmart.

I am a fan of Zimmern but this Target partnership seems odd to me. We'll see what they come up with. But I am NOT eating anything with bugs in it!

tasteofbothworlds said...

hello deb, i'm not a target exec so i didn't donate any, not that I have anything to give, hehe.

we don't have a target chain in the philippines but i do watch Zimmern on cable tv.

DineometerDeb said...

That's ok, it's really just a joke. I would keel over from shock if they really did donate.

With all the "make money" blogging blogs out there, I can't believe you aren't wealthy yet ;)

Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Hey..i watched this guy on Bizarre Food...he's really brave with food.

DineometerDeb said...

Bug life: Tonight he was in Louisiana eating some rat-like creature. I like the show but wish they would stop with the amplified chomping sounds when he eats something.