Sunday, April 27, 2008

Farmer's Market

Today was opening day for the Chattanooga Market, our local, weekly farmer's market featuring locally grown produce, handmade items, music, and food. It was good to see that it was sold out for vendor booths, and hopefully, will continue to sell out. There were some new food booths that I am looking forward to trying, including the Yellow Deli, which also has a restaurant in town that recently re-opened (thanks Tut-Tut for the tip). I have heard that the Yellow Deli has an extremely interesting history, and is well loved among late night party animals. I hope to venture a visit in the near future.

I much prefer getting my produce, which frequently was picked just the day before if not that morning, from the farmer herself. It's early in the growing season so mostly what is available so far (in our area) is only a few herbs and small plants. I purchased honey today directly from the lady who stole it from the bees herself. A friend told me that honey produced locally has the greatest health benefits. It's one of those things that I am just going to take her word for, since I am too lazy to research this for myself.

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SheR. said...

I'm not sure about the health benefits of locally produced honey. But I know that it tastes much better than those off the shelves!!