Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Taco Roc: The New Black

Taco Roc is the new La Altena of Chattanooga and I mean that in a "Is the new black sort of way." It's trendy and lots of business types in suite and/or high-heels/ties, go there as do actual authentic, non-English speaking taco aficionados. This is probably due to the owners advertising on both NPR and Spanish language radio. I see this as an excellent business move and feel that it shows a strong awareness of potential customer bases. As for the food, they offer the best tacos in Chattanooga. If I said that any other taqueria offers the best tacos in Chattanooga, I have changed my mind.

I found the pollo tinga tacos to be very flavorful and not dry, like chicken tends to be at other Mexican restaurants. The tacos al pastor were almost (sorry) as good as what I get in Houston or Mexico. They also provide a selection of aguas frescas ("waters") such as pineapple, watermelon, tamarind (not my favorite), and horchata (which is described as a rice water but tastes like sweet milk) that are an excellent change from the usual soft drink. You will also have the opportunity to add your own onions, cilantro, and salsa to your food as you like you it.

The seating is ridiculously cramped at lunch due to the current Taco Roc craze in Chattanooga but on the bright side, you may get to share a table with a stranger and end up making a taco lovin' friend. We were seated at the table next to the door, and everytime it opened, we instinctively grabbed our napkins and covered our tacos from the cold gust of air that would blow past. We ate with our coats on. Eavesdropping on conversations (not hard to do since I was practically sitting in the lap of the people at the next table) it seems that everyone expects Taco Roc to expand to a larger location. Excellent idea. Lets just hope they don't trendy themselves towards crappiness.

Dineometer rating 90%

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HamPedsCrew said...

Our office is located within walking distance of Taco Roc, and on any given day, you can bet someone at the office will look casually to the other and simply say, "Taco Roc"??? That's all the planning necessary and we're off on foot to one of the greatest places we've found to enjoy the absolute BEST food...not to mention the owner and staff...I sincerely hope God blesses this family with a larger establishment word gets out, there won't be enough room to seat the many faithful customers...and by the way...once you've experienced Taco Roc...YOU ABSOLUTELY WILL NEVER GO ANYWHERE ELSE!!!! Great job! Thank you for never failing to make us feel at home each week!