Sunday, February 3, 2008

Aretha Frankenstein's

Aretha Frankensteins
Chattaooga Tennessee

A cute name and a visit from Rachael Ray do not a great restaurant make. Aretha Frankenstein's is popular with college students, who survive mostly on Ramen Noodles and grilled cheese sandwiches made with their irons, and thus can not necessarily be considered the most descerning of palates when it comes to food quality and taste. I have only payed one visit to Aretha's, pre-fire, with a group of above college age women. We all pretty much had the same reaction then, as do many of the people I have pressed for opinions lately: "Eh. "

Not "Ewww", just, "Eh. "

I haven't been back, not that I don't want to, just that there are a few other restaurants with food above "Eh" that I would like to try. Now, Rachael Ray had an orgasmic reaction during her visit when filming an episode of $40 a Day, but then she often seems to have this reaction to food and so her opinion cannot be trusted either.

So imagine my suprise when I found that Aretha seems to be branching out into prepared pancake mixes. Who wouldn't want to buy a pancake mix with a catchy name and threats on the back that you are not to use fake eggs or real milk (something like that--I didn't actually buy a box) or bad things will happen to you.

I plan to keep an open-ish mind and venture a visit to Aretha's in the near future, in the name of thorough research. Maybe I will even buy a box of pancake mix but I am going to use fake eggs dammit! Try and stop me Aretha!

Stay tuned.

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