Sunday, February 17, 2008

Not Very Adventurous

Sticky Fingers,

Chattanooga, Memphis, and elsewhere

I am clearly slipping in the adventure dining department. Todays reviews are two chains that, good or not, will probably be expanding to your town soon. The first is Sticky Fingers Rib House, a barbecue restaurant in the Southern sense, that is limited at present to the, well, the south. Despite myself and my dislike of all things chain, I loved the ribs and sides at Sticky Fingers. The corn bread muffins are more like cake than actual bread. Still good, just a bit more desert-like than you may want pre-meal. The green beans were also much better than expected. I recommend the rib sampler for two. You will get a discount on the second portion and it gives you an opportunity to try four different rib flavors.

Dineometer rating: 70%

Mc Alister's Deli, Chattanooga, etc.

The Grilled Chicken Breast served on ciabatta was actually better than most sandwiches I have gotten here that were gaggingly dry. Be frightened of anything they serve with gravy and don't bother with the underachieving Muffulleta (if you really want one in Chattanooga go here ). They still get a "good" rating for having sandwiches that are better than most fast food chains. But there is much room for improvement.

dineometer rating 50%

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