Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Unique Fast Food

Lee's Sandwiches, Houston TX and elsewhere

Lee's Sandwiches is a chain of Vietnamese fast food restaurants limited to the southwestern United States. Their website boasts that at 10,000 square feet, this Houston location is the largest. Their is a lively, neon ambience with large groups of people from the asian community gathered on the outdoor, misted patio, playing chess or just chatting while they sip an iced coffee. The sandwiches at Lee's are good but nothing special. The menu is lengthy and offers sandwiches ranging from the combination (which includes headcheese and pate)to a sardine sandwich, to a turkey club on croissant. The bread is made on site in the "baguette factory." Our sandwiches had an abundance of cilantro, onion, pickled vegetables and a few slices of jalapeno for good measure. We tried the sticky rice which had chinese sausage and small pieces of meat, and a tasty desert rice presented on a styrofoam tray with a fragrant coconut sauce on the side. Lee's also has a number of prepared carry out items, the most interesting of which was the whole coconut, the insides of which have been mixed with gelatin and sugar. This is on my list of things to try on my next visit as are the delicious looking meat filled puff pastries, freshly baked deli manjoo cake, and fruit smoothies that come in about 30 different flavors including the infamous durian. Lee's has a convenient drivethrough and is open 24 hours. Bottom Line: Good for a quick lunch or late night snack.


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