Monday, December 31, 2007

Mojito Mojo

Bella Habana, St. Pete Beach Florida

Imagine sitting outside in December, sipping mojitos,and eating Cuban sandwiches while the rest of the country digs out from under the snow. Such was my recent trip to Bella Habana on St. Pete's beach in Florida. The Cuban sandwiches were made with thick slices of pork and ham, and I think they were good, but after two mojitos, I am not really sure of anything. I SWEAR that I did not know the mojitos were two for one until the waitress plopped down the two large glasses in front of me, resulting in a much longer stay at Bella Habana than I had originally intended. The mojitos were served with fresh mint and a stalk of sugar cane. I also tried the pureed ham tapa that came with a side of hot wing type sauce and although highly recommended by the waitress, I would probably give a miss next time. I would have liked to try the chicken and rice but there is a two person minimum per order and at least a 45 minute wait.

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