Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Parthenon, Nashville Tennessee

Nashville has its own full scale replica of the Grecian Parthenon, and unlike the original, this
one wasn't shot to pieces by Turkish soldiers in the 17th century. I know what you're saying. Nashville? Home of Reba, Garth, and ......Hee Haw? That Nashville? Yep.

The Parthenon was built for the 1897 fair. It was chosen because Nashville is "The Athens of the South." Why is Nashville the Athens of the south? The official explanation is that it is due to the abundance of institutions of higher learner in the city. However, my opinion is that, as we all know, with institutions of higher learning come toga parties. Hence the name, Athens of the South.

Replica of the Athena Parthenos constructed in the 1990's.

Replicas of excavated statues.


Ash said...

Interesting post and images!

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Talen said...

Very cool place. I was there in 1989. They have a huge craft fair every year around it and everyone kind of congregates at the parthenon to relax and eat. Brought back some good memories...thanks!

DineometerDeb said...

You are welcome Talen. Thanks for visiting.