Friday, August 29, 2008

Czechoslovakian Beer

Czechvar beer from the Czech republic is, according to my friend Beer Expert Bob, very bitter and a traditional Bavarian style pilsner.
He feels that Czech beer is some of the absolute best beer anywhere.

Southern Brewers Festival
In other beer related news, this past Saturday was Chattanooga's annual celebration of public drunkenness known as the Southern Brewer's Festival. Under the guise of trying micro brews, raising money for charity and listening to music, grown ups spent $15 on an entrance fee and $3 per cup to try beers created right here in the southern states. And Colorado. Which is actually a Southern state if you are from Canada.

Since most beer tastes like the inside of a shoe to me, I sat out this year. Instead, a friend and I watched the mayhem from the balcony of nearby hotel. In years past, when I have gone however, the most memorable beers were the one with odd flavors such as the blueberry beer from Sweetwater Brewery Atlanta. However, I would prefer more blueberry flavor, less beer flavor, which defeats the purpose of even buying beer.


tut-tut said...

Although I am not a fan of beer, an occasional Guinness does the trick.

DineometerDeb said...

Guiness? Isn't that the stuff that is as thick as a chocolate milkshake? I prefer sissy beer.

SheR. said...

Oh! I get the Czech beer in our supermarket here!!! I love that one... And the authentic Czech Budvar (Budweiser)!!! Yums! I love beer *hic*.. damn Tequila giving me the wind!