Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dineometer Wins Two Highly Coveted Awards

This was given to me by the fine folks at Margie and Edna's Basement. Oh, those rascally old broads! You shouldn't have! (I'm blushing).

I would like to pass this along to five of my fellow bloggers for their own excellence in blogging:

tut-tut at Inside the Shell,

Kiva at Eclectic Granny

Pecos at East of the Pecos River

and Essie at EssieWB's Weblog

Sher at UrResidentChef

The Just Plain Fun to Read award (the blogging equivalent of a Peabody) was given to me by maggie at A Taste of Both Worlds. Thanks!

There are so many blogs that I find just plain fun to read my Google reader overfloweth. So it is difficult to choose but a few to pass this award along to. I am going to select:

Carol at Carol's Thoughtful Spot (Carol, I tried to leave some comments for you today but for some reason, the computer wouldn't let me!)

Arika at The Fabulous Destiny of Arika

Margaret at Pearl

Beat Black at In Shadows

Great work everyone!

The general rule with blog awards is that you mention the award on your blog with a link to the senders blog, and then pass it along to a few others. However, if you choose to celebrate privately, with a couple bottles of wine or some sort of pagan ritual rather than acknowledging the award on your blog, that is fine also. I COMPLETELY understand if you choose to not participate and there is absolutely no pressure to do so.

With all these awards floating around the net, I thought I would develop one of my own. The Knitwithcats award is for those blogs you would enjoy reading, if the blogger ever got around to updating. Excuses like "I had to work 112 hours last week" " I was giving birth" or "I was kidnapped by Russian soldiers and held hostage for 3 years" are not valid and will not be accepted. Please feel free to pass this award along to any of your friends that need a gentle reminder to get on the ball. This is a humorous way of saying "Hey! we miss seeing the latest photos of your kids or pets and want to hear about what hi jinks have been going on in the family." Links back to us would be greatly appreciated.

The knitwithcats award was named for it's first recipient:

Lets hope that the Wikipedia article that I am sure will be written on this very prestigious award in the near future, gets this correct.


tut-tut said...

Gosh, I'm speechless.

I hope Knitwtihcats gets over here to see how inspirational she's been . . .

Carole said...

Hey thanks so much for the award! (blush) I'm truly flattered!

I love the Knitwithcats award - though I hope to never win it myself!!

SheR. said...

Thanks Dineometer!
I will place the award proudly on my blog soon!

PurrPrints said...


Himoacs Yanjiaren said...

Congratulations to all the lucky winners and you have a wonderful blog.

DineometerDeb said...

Hey, you guys deserve it! It would be great if their was a cruise or a monitary prize along with it, but, unfortunately, Dineometer funds are limited. Maybe next time.

SheR. said...

Hey I take food vouchers! Send some over! Hahaaa:P

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Dineometer, and thanks for sharing! If I choose to celebrate with a Natural Light instead of a box of wine, please forgive. After all, I'm just a knitter. You're the one with the palate!