Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cooking with Testicles

This post is courtesy of knitwithcats who, upon finding an article on cooking with testicles, immediately thought of me. Awwww, that is so sweet! Anyway, she is obsessed with Jezebel.com (and stray cats, but that's a story for another day) and found this story while surfing:

Ljubomir Erovic, a Serbian medical equipment repairman by day and chef by night, wants to spread his love of eating and cooking testicles. Erovic already helped found the World Testicle Cooking Festival in his hometown near Belgrade...(read more here).

You can get a sample of the e-book here.
Now y'all know dad does NOT want another tie for Christmas this year. Hint hint.


Kiva said...

eewwwwww... that just brings flashbacks of all the Bobbitt jokes.

I am Jamie Sue! said...

I joy! I was looking for a good Rocky Mountain Oysters recipe! NOT!