Monday, September 8, 2008

Filipino Snacks

I had planned to try a few authentic Filipino dishes out in an effort to wow all my Filipino blogging friends. Unfortunately, that was a few months ago and I still have not gotten around to making the recipes and then writing the utterly fascinating post that would include my experiences with Filipino cuisine and a description of some common dishes. The best I could do for now was to purchased some Filipino junk food found at the farmer's market in Atlanta.

We have a crispy melon snack, corn nut type snack, dried fava bean and corn nut mix, chocolate filled mints, and jackfruit candy. Taste test to come.

Here are a few photos from my blogging friends of authentic Filipino street food:

Fish balls from a bicycling vendor on the streets of the Philippines. Jenn Was Here
has some great photos of her vacation in the Philippines that really make me want to visit Calle Crisologo. It looks beautiful!

Filipino Isaw, which is barbecued chicken intestines. This was found at Cooking with Kuting . So for all you people that say you wouldn't ever eat chicken intestines, I say you probably already have, but in McNugget form. So why not just skip the faux chicken shape, breading, and cardboard package and go for the real thing?

This is ice candy which is a popsicle type desert. I found this at Kutsara of Tinador, a great blog about a Filipino family's food encounters. They have lots of photos on their blog of foods that I have not seen before.


Anya said...

wow, i'm impressed! boy bawang is one of my favorite munchies, that's one variety of cornick here in PH, try to dip (or soak) it in vinegar, common Pinoys eat it like that.

i can't wait to see, err, read you reaction.

thanks for mentioning my blog here in your post, i love what you've written.

DineometerDeb said...

Thanks for the tip! I will try that. Hopefully I will eventually get around to trying the Filipino recipes that I have collected :)

Symphony of Love said...

I missed those fishball from the bicycle vendor in the street of Philippines. I had it almost everyday when I was in the Philippines. :)

kuting said...

hi deb!!! thanks for the link! *wink*

like anya, i also love boy bawang soaked in vinegar! :P~
When my Aunt visited us last year, she brings boy bawang back to Oregon. *smiles*

thanks also for featuring the filipino street foods. Hope you could visit the philippines, we have lots of authentic Filipino foods that you should try! *S^_^S

DineometerDeb said...

I have not tried them Symphony.

Kuting, I would LOVE to visit! I just watched a travel program last night on the Phillipines and it looks like a great place to visit.

Wai Mun said...

Philippines sure has good varieties in terms of food. Some are quite unheard of here in Malaysia and are very interesting to read about.

Appreciate your sharing and become my 'eye' to the world of food in Philippines.