Friday, September 5, 2008

Andrew Zimmern Has a Republican Problem

Poor Andrew Zimmern, host of the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods. His adopted home of Minneapolis is overrun with republicans at the moment. He writes on his Minneapolis focused blog:

"I can also tell you that I cannot wait for the RNC to be over. First off, it means I can walk into a restaurant without having to deal with the inevitable CLOSED FOR A PRIVATE PARTY sign that seems to be hanging in every business I stroll into. Secondly, it means I don’t have to wait in line for three hours to get a sausage sandwich at Cossetta. "

Surprising for a number of reasons. First, we have all seen your show Andrew and if there is a three hour line at your favorite sandwich shop, one would assume you would have ample options for improvising. Is there not a live bait and tackle shop near by? I am sure there would be no line for the nightcrawlers and minnows.

Second, I got the impression from watching the news that Sara Palin kills and skins all her food on her own. Thus, no need for a restaurant. And those moose are big enough to feed all the delegates from at least 13 states including Texas. Cindy McCain doesn't look like she eats very much, if at all, so what would she need a restaurant for?

Thirdly, if there is a "Closed" sign on your favorite restaurant, why don't you just grab your camera crew and crash the party? America would love to see a Bizarre Foods Republican Party episode. Please, please find out for us what that sour faced Dick Cheney eats. He always looks like he has gas or something.

So Mr. Zimmern. We are not buying this story of hardship. I think you are just looking for sympathy.


BadEvan said...

I think McCain would be in to chowing down some bull penis or maybe even some gazelle uterus.

After all he eats the young of liberals, right?

tut-tut said...

Sarah Palin, First Dude, Cindy, Bristol, Levi; I'm having a meltdown. Plus just the notion of a pitbull with lipstick. Where's Bourdain when you need someone to create a mixed grill?

DineometerDeb said...

Well you know Evan, when he was a prisoner of war....

I don't have anywhere to go with that sentence but I think that every John McCain sentence is supposed to start with it. At least I got that impression from watching his speech last night.

Must be fun around his house.

Cindy: Pass the ketchup John.
John: You know, when I was a prisoner of war, we didn't have ketchup.

DineometerDeb said...

Now tut, enough about your own meltdown. Show some sympathy for Andrew Zimmern. They have invaded his town. The poor man is waiting three hours for a friggin sandwich! ; )

BadEvan said...

How right you are!

It beats the hell our of "when I was your age..." though.

Speaking of last night... Did you see those creepy smiles he tried to crack? It's one thing that he can't raise his arms. But damn he can't smile with out hurting himself either?

Pam Hawk said...

Oh, I feel for Andy. Cossetta is the BEST. Always crowded, a little out of the way for the downtown St. Paul crowd, but OMGoodness... it's just the best little Italian cafe/pizza joint/deli/market.

DineometerDeb said...

Pam, I used to live in Minneapolis, a long time ago and I have vague recollections of some great food places but those places probably aren't around anymore.