Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tell Us About Your Most Adventurous Meal

(Left: Dim sum dumplings, steamed rice in bamboo leaf, rice noodles, and chicken feet).

My mother would say that my most adventurous dining experience would be the snails that I plucked off the garden wall, scooped out of their shells and then ate raw when I was 2 years old. Or the tube of her lipstick that I ate. The most adventurous meal that I actually paid for however would be the chicken feet consumed at the dim sum restaurant. I don't know why this is considered such an unusual food to eat. It is after all just chicken. But, it's a part of the chicken not readily consumed in the US. I am sure that most of you can probably top this. So, my question is: What was the most unusual thing that you have ever eaten? What was your most adventurous dining experience?


joe lance said...

From among several candidates, I'm choosing a Japanese restaurant in Boston, where I tried, among other items not usually in my diet, some kind of translucent orange roe.

The wasabi paste was memorable, too.

Kathy said...

Tripe (cow stomach). Worst eating experience ever. It was served to me by my then boyfriend's grandmother and felt obligated to eat it. Never again.

SheR. said...

Ordering unknown French food in the menu. First time we went to France, me and a couple of mates were feeling a little adventurous. We ordered the plat du jour which is a terrine de legumes. We received a frozen slice of 3 coloured vegetable "jelly". Till this day, I wonder what makes the white of that terrine...:P

DineometerDeb said...

Fish eggs scare me too Joe.

Kathy, maybe she was trying to subtly discourage a relationship with her beloved grandson in a passive aggressive sort of way.

Sher: It's probably best you never found out.