Thursday, June 12, 2008

As the Blog World Turns

Here is a summary of some recent goings on in the blogosphere:

1. Great news! The infamous knitted guinea pig dress pattern and photo that I though were lost in some black internet hole, have been found, faithfully preserved by a blogger. The original site went down shortly after I sent the link to my brother, who in turn passed it along to a few thousand of his bored coworkers at the huge company where he works. What I found interesting was the horrified expression on its little face, although someone who has owned guinea pigs told me that they always look that way, even when not wearing a frilly green dress. The pattern includes detailed instructions on how to take proper dress measurements for your guinea pig. I had been searching for unusual knitting patterns and found that one, along with a knitted intestinal track and a penis cozy.

2. Catsworking has been hijacked. It has inadvertently become an Anthony Bourdain gossip site after this article became hugely popular, and was then followed up with the provocatively titled "Was Anthony Bourdain's First Wife a Vampire?" If you are interested in Bourdain gossip, this is your site. However, I will caution you that if you want to retain your image of him as just a lovable, free spirited, pickled livered, chef/author/TV host you may want to keep your innocence and not click on those posts. I am off to check out another of catsworking's intriguingly titled posts "Laura Bush's Misplaced Breasts."

3. There is a new meta blog for adventure diners called Mondo food. This allows those of us who are lazy to leaf through many food blogs all at once. There seems to be a wide variety of nationalities and food types represented so this seems to be a great resource for new blogs and unique recipes.

4. In analysing my stats I found this interesting: Who would you think would send more referrals? Sherxr over at Ur Resident Chef or Technorati? Sherxr 21, Technorati 2. Therefore, we can conclude that Sherxr is better than Technorati ; )

5. We may be having a heat wave but hell sure must have frozen over. Not only did knitwithcats update her blog TWICE in less than a month, but she is promising another post once she finishes the sweater she's been knitting for 8 or 9 years. (I think I might have finally pushed her over the edge with this post and may not return for Saturday knitting lest I be hit. We knitters are a surprisingly violent bunch. It's not uncommon to see brawls break out over sock patterns).

6. Even though there is a law about Tennesseans and Georgians socializing, and us Cubs fans certainly don't think much of Yankee fans, I thought I should mention Chilly at On the Bricks because he is always my top Entrecard dropper, despite my spastic return drops. For you non Entrecarders, this means he clicks on my website everyday. He often has interesting posts like this one: Man Gets DWI After Riding Motorized Cooler.

Thanks to my nieces I am now hooked on the Disney Channel and can't get the theme song from the Suite Life of Zac and Cody out of my head!!! This is worse than my noisy neighbors! Now I'm wishing they would come back and play their guitars at 1am so as to blocks out this infernal song!!! na na...Suite na na....

Stay tuned next time for: na na...Suite na na. Grrrrr! As the Blog World Turns.


SheR. said...

Wah.. that explains why I've been getting requests for link exchange??? Hahaha.. My blog is better than Technorati... that explains Google's jealousy and slapping my PR from 2 to 0! Sounds like some football score. :P
I'm your daily EC dropper too!

Anonymous said...

It was idle curiosity to see Anthony Bourdain's new wife that launched my search for a picture of Ottavia Busia. I innocently found that YouTube video of Miami Ink, posted the link, and the rest is history. Cats Working never intended to become Bourdain Central, but Ottavia put us on the map and continues to be the #1 draw to the blog, so I try to keep giving readers more of what they want as I find it. Perhaps one day the man himself will check in and correct any misconceptions, and I hope he sees that the majority of my readers love him and want to see him live long and prosper. We're just curious, that's all.

tut-tut said...

What IS IT with Anthony Bourdain?? Frankly, he writes well enough, be seeing him for the 1000th time, bleary eyed, is too much of the same thing. More pig snouts? I think not.

Melanie said...

Gonna have to check out Sherxr!

And a penis cozy? Gotta check that out too!

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Anonymous said...

tut-tut, I tend to agree with you. I suspect Bourdain himself is getting a little weary of putting on a happy face for his hosts while sticking something gross in his mouth. We now have Andrew Zimmern for that. But even more than Bourdain's travel writing, I love his novels, Gone Bamboo, Bone in the Throat, even the Bobby Gold Stories. They're like The Sopranos, only much funnier. As writers go, he's my favorite right now.

By the way, I love the guinea pig dress. I used to keep GPs for years and, yes, they do wear that expression most of the time.

tut-tut said...


Didn't know he had written that much fiction. Will have to investigate.

Dine: I let Knitwithcats know you've highlighted her yet again . . . Maybe you'll be using your WWKIP pins as weapons on Saturday . . .

DineometerDeb said...

Sher: Yes, those Google rank giver outers are a jealous lot. And thanks for all your drops too.

Tut: I think he appeals to the desire that many of us have to be able to travel, not go to a 9 to 5 job, and drink vodka before noon if we were so inclined. And to be doing this at an age when most of us are locked into a lifestyle that does not allow such an option.

Yes, I think this will be my last knitwithcats post. Hey, I just want her to update more often.

Cats: You were only seeking to answer questions that many of us secretly had but were too lazy too look.