Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crust Pizza

(the Gigantor pizza, and a picture of the retro 70's inspired tables)

Crust Pizza
Red Bank TN (Check out the South Park inspired character on the Crust website)

Crust Pizza is a restaurant that touts it's "Famous Thin Crust". They use fresh ingredients and even make their own salad dressings, such as the rosemary French, for which they deserve many extra credit points. The salads are huge with chick peas, topped with that home made salad dressing. The pizza was good, but the sausage, I think, can sometimes be dry. The pasta dishes are flavorful but served in metal bowls which seems to continue the cooking resulting in what ends up being overcooked noodles.

I can't talk about Crust without mentioning the groovy 70's inspired design. The walls and tables are decorated in pop culture memorabilia and bring back memories. From those advertisement parody stickers once found in bubblegum packets (Wacky Packs, remember those?), to Sleestaks and Puff N Stuff. The menu items also have retro inspired names such as the Sigmund and the Mighty Isis pizzas.

I have eaten here many times and would definitely recommend the lunch buffet option which includes a huge salad and several different kinds of pizzas.

Dine-o-meter rating 70%


tut-tut said...

That's all well and good, but do they serve wine!?

DineometerDeb said...

Probably not. But you can get a beer and just pretend.

Erik said...

I didn't expect a Sleestack to be staring me down on Saturday morning in 2009.