Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Burma Chronicles: A Quick Review

Lucky for us, Guy Delisle has been able to travel to places few westerners get to see. His first graphic novel was set in North Korea. His most recent, Burma Chronicles, tells of life inside the military controlled country now called Myanmar, much of which he experiences while wheeling his toddler son through the streets in a stroller.

Drawn in by the opportunity to experience cultural nuances in this isolated country, the author's humorous writing style will likely keep readers reading and perhaps make new graphic novel fans. If I had one critisism of this book, it would be a wish that the brief snippets were a little longer and more complete. Often the author ends a story rather abrubtly.

I look forward to his next book and in case he is at a loss for ideas, I'm working on my list of under represented in graphic novels countries, that I would like him to live in next: Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Haiti, maybe an African country or two...any other suggestions?

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