Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blatant Nepotism and Blogaversary

I seem to have slept through my own blog anniversary which I think was sometime in November. I don't know how I could have missed it. Thinking back over this past year I remember such milestones as my first spam comment, and my first nasty response. Oh the memories. Sigh.

Just one of the fine quality items that you can find in the SUMJEWELRY Etsy Store

Well it is with great fanfare that I would like to announce that my aunty has just started her own blog and Etsy store! I think the jewelry she makes is actually really pretty and that is not just because we are related. I am hoping that she will post some more pet photos on her blog.

I see that she has not posted to her blog since January 6th, which makes her eligible for the......
Knitwithcats Award!!!! So Aunty, here is your Knitwithcats Award.

Welcome to the blogosphere!

(For the history of the knitwithcats award, click here.)


tut-tut said...

Every time I see that award, I laugh out loud.

Nice jewelry; why don't you open an etsy shop?

SheR. said...

Happy Birthday to your Blog! More happy blogging years to come! More comments on your blog...and more traffic!!

Anonymous said...

It's a picnic being related to you, isn't it?