Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Boathouse, Chattanooga Tennessee

The Boathouse,
Chattanooga Tennessee

I've decided that I don't really like most of the food at the Boathouse but will continue to return. That is because I love the view from the deck which, on weather pleasant days offers a relaxing view of the river that one can stare placidly at while eating their dry sandwiches and funny smelling coleslaw (seriously, it smells like fish). The freshly made guacamole is wonderful and probably the best thing they serve. So if you're smart, you will order that with a beer and then go home and make yourself a sandwich. Ok, the grilled greenbeans are good too. But, items claimed to be specialties, like the Voodoo Chicken--deep fried chicken with flavorless black beans and rice-- are rather dull.

The featured cocktail at the Boathouse is the Brazilian lime, sugar, and rum drink the caipirinha which, according to Wikipedia, the name "caipirinha" is derived from the word "hillbilly. " Should we be offended by that?

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