Sunday, March 23, 2008

Other People's Blogs

With recipes like Office Ramen 101 and Jack in the Box Marinade, slickly edited videos, a quote from Julia Child, racist and offensive language, and, of all things, a Crate and Barrel Ad at the top, I predict will be wildly popular as well as being the only food blog flagged as offensive.

"Chefs" Tory-T and Caleb supposedly started the site after not finding any visual tutorials on the net for amature cooks ( *cough* and about a thousand other places *cough* ).

I think they just wanted to show off their comedy culinary stylings.

Works for me, I added them to my bookmarks.


Garden Gnome said...

I just had to check out that site from your review. How sad :(

Popping in through EC.

Caleb said...

Hi Deb, thanks for the real deal review on the site! Believe it or not, we are some good hearted "chefs"...just a little urban for the cooking circuit, haha.

Garden Gnome, I'm sorry the site made you go :(

We will try to make you go :)
or maybe ;(
or robot style ;[
or one eye .)
or two eyes on the same side ..)